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Developing Content Ideas

If you're reading this, be warned. This is not a well-thought out and structured blog with one clear topic. I am practicing. Perhaps I shouldn't be publishing then but it's a way for me to be accountable and besides, no one is really going to read this.

This morning I am sitting in the Double Bay Library, I have no real idea what to write about and I am doing this to get into the habit of writing. This is not journaling, blogs should be about things that people care about. Content that is helpful, useful, interesting or entertaining.

This blog is about exploring content ideas for future interviews, workshops and blogs. I've been thinking a lot about what people want in content. There is so much out there already. What will people pay for these days? What's not already out there?

I am an advocate for spending less time on computers and screens and more time daydreaming, cooking, spending time with your loved ones, investing in yourself, on personal growth and seeing the world. These are the content ideas you could focus on perhaps? There are big markets interested in wellbeing, growth, personal development but I also like the topic of entrepreneurship. How do people start businesses, why do they do that, how do they spot opportunities, what are their own personal battle stories? Make sure you get out to test your content ideas, like a true design thinker would.

But there is so much content out there, heaps of interviews already conducted with entrepreneurs and ordinary people about their lives. What's going to be unique about my stuff? Or anyone else's stuff? Why should TV companies and people care?

And you know what the answer is? You. You are what is unique about your stuff. Your perspectives, your stories, your messages, your way of communicating, how you make people feel, who you can get on your show. I hope that in a way I can create content (be it in an interview, training, event or facilitation) that is unique and memorable. How would you articulate that rather than just saying you? Move through things/get the job done but have fun along the way, my work is entertaining and enjoyable for others to engage in, it helps others to feel happy. I really loved interviewing people and I hope they had an impact on the audience, in a way that the audience was inspired to do something. To try something new at their job or learn something new about the world or themselves.

I think as I get more experience in communication and talk with more subject matter experts, I understand it's all about the audience.

What do they want to consume that is helpful, useful, interesting or entertaining? Firstly who are they? Who is my persona or target market? Who is my early adopter of content that I am creating. Well, who watched Techbiz, the Sky Business News program about innovation, startups and technology?

People, like myself, want to read about people's lives, about their successes about their triumphs and failures. Through those stories, people can feel a senses of connectedness and knowing that they're okay, they are normal and like others. That we are all equal deep down.

But there needs to be a business model. How does this content survive and thrive? Who is going to pay for it and why? Why would advertisers align to this content? Why would people buy the content? I definitely want to make money, be financially secure and afford the things that I want. So the business model needs attention. My intuition says the business model will be high value and less sales. Higher value on creating an experience for a customer as that's where my unique skills and talents can be applied, where people can get the most from me.

Apply the lean startup method to your ideas - generate assumptions, test them and come back based on what you've found out. Don't stay in your head to much, developing what you think will be great.

I have posed more questions and gone off track. The key point is that I want to create content that is inspiring, people focused and communicates big, important messages. I want to use TV as a platform because I enjoy the rush of a live studio and the challenge of it. I've been told my many people that I am enjoyable to watch, that it is natural fit.

Still I have to go back the audience - what are you giving them? Why should they care about what I am staying? How am I helping them on their idle Tuesday night?

If you are reading this, I apologise for the lack of transitions and inconsistency in topics. I will leave you with one quote I found in a book I recently finished which was called What You're Really Meant To Do.

" People have come to realise that the effort to reach their unique potential is a journey - an ongoing process that yields insights and raises new questions but doesn't have a final destination". I can relate to that!

Thank you for reading.

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