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Permanent to contract; the changing nature of work

I read in the latest NAB Wellness Study that anxiety amongst its survey respondents has increased this past quarter. One respondent said they were fearful that there is less and less full-time jobs and more casual and contract work.

This is a fair observation about employment trends and people's preferences for how they work. Labour costs, insurance and office space can be hugely expensive so I understand the fact that companies want to hire people only when needed and on more flexible legal terms. I personally like this way of work (so long as it's done ethically and in a mutually beneficial way) and have moved from 5 days to 3 days with my employer. This way I can have more flexibility and more of my own time to spend on my life and my own projects, through which I am trying to create new revenue streams.

To not have a full-time permanent role means you need to be more entrepreneurial, adaptable and flexible. I am comfortable with this, most of the time, so I wonder how I can help other people to get comfortable with flexible working, particularly if there is no choice in the future. I personally think there will be a choice though.

There is so much talk about what the future of work will be like because of globalisation and technology and disruption. A lot of it is doom and gloom. Rather than worrying about it and feeling fearful and anxious and going into protectionism mode, perhaps we should do more to prepare for it.

Preparing for it could open up or stimulate other ideas.

I like talking about entrepreneurial thinking, behaviours and values. And I like promoting work and careers that are aligned to our unique strengths and talents. That's where the passion and motivation comes from. I believe that if more people work and live a life aligned to their unique strengths and talents, there would be less anxiety about work.

Some ways to promote entrepreneurship is to learn new skills, understand what sorts of disruptions and technologies impact your industry and to try and embrace the way the world is moving. The are heaps of positives about the future and the role technology will play. Just visit to learn more.

To finish, I've included a list of skills, attributes and values that will be really important for the future. Which ones do you identify with?

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